Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Muscle Building Nutrition

In the past 6 months I've seen a lot better results purely from just altering my diet. I still used to work out pretty hard, but I had no food filter---I ate whatever was in front of me and consequently, I wasn't seeing results as fast as I should have been. I started caring about what I ate and almost immediately started seeing more significant results. Check out a rough outline of my diet below:Also check out this dude. The man's huge. He knows what he's talking about.


  • Egg Whites

    Eggs/ Egg Whites


  • veggies


    1 serving

  • Oats




  • fish

    Lean Protein (Fish, Chicken, Turkey)

  • brown rice

    Carbs (Brown Rice)



protein powder

Protein Powder (Amplified Whey)


Creatine Monohydrate


About an hour after my Post-Workout Shake I have a solid meal of:
  • lean meat

    Lean Meat

  • carbs

    Complex Carbs (Whole Wheat Rice)

  • veggies


    1 serving

    MEAL 5:

    • Casein Protein

      Whey Protein

      1.5 scoops
    • almonds

      Healthy Fats (Almonds, Pistacios)


      True wealth comes from good health. Couldn't have said it better myself.

About Me

Is this Real Life?

My name is Bill Brooks, and I’ll be honest with you, shit like this is what motivates me to go to the gym. In a completely straight way, seeing people with cut up bodies just pushes me to worker harder–specifically because it shows me how much a person can transform their body.
But I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t always motivation to get in the gym. I tried to start working out my sophomore year in high school , but it was an awkward experience–I had no idea how anything worked and I wasn’t seeing any results.
My senior year I decided to actually commit to working out–I was tired of feeling so small. I was 6’1 160 and had a pretty wiry physique. So I started frequently going to the gym, and after a few months I started seeing results. Once I started to gain weight I was hooked–I realized I had control over my body type and I was tired of feeling skinny.
Now, as a sophomore in college I weigh 185 and have a become much more familiar with working out than I was my junior in high school thanks to guidance from a number of influential friends, trainers and coaches. But if there’s one thing I’ve picked up from being in the gym, is that you can always learn more–in fact the more the better. The more you shock your muscles by doing new, unfamiliar routines the more muscle you will build– thats where this blog comes in. I am still on my quest to get bigger. Lets put my goal weight at around 200 lbs–thats 15 pounds gained in muscle mass, not fat. I’m going to use this blog to post some of the approaches I’m taking to gaining muscle mass [routines, nutrition, etc.] as well as my track my progress throughout the semester.
Follow along and feel free make comments or suggestion if you know what the hell your talking about!

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